Welcome to Audi Ehrensache.

You want to support social organisations in your region?
Audi Ehrensache supports you in doing so.

This is how you find a suitable commitment:

  1. Take a look around the platform.
  2. If you find an offer that fits exactly to you or your team within the Role Model Program, your skills and preferences, then register on the top right of this platform.
  3. Please note when registering: Please use your work email address for volunteerings within the Role Model Program that take place during working hours. For private volunteering in your free time, we recommend using your private e-mail address.
  4. You can obtain your Audi access code from Audi mynet or reach out to ehrensache@audi.de.
  5. After logging in, you can register for your selected project directly via the platform.
  6. Please note: Registration on the platform is not yet a registration for a project!
  7. You will receive all further information about your volunteer work by e-mail.

If you have further questions about your commitment, you can contact the team of vostel: volunteering@vostel.de.

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All project descriptions are created by the non-profit organizations (NPO) in collaboration with vostel.